Why You Should Outsource Your Appointment Setting Program


Appointment setting plays a significant role in sales.  Converting possible leads into customers is a crucial segment of the sales cycle; naturally, appointment setting plays a role.   Appointment setting is especially important because it is usually the step that takes place before the prospect turns into a customer.  With so many moving parts involved in the sales process, outsourcing appointment setting could be the solution your company needs.  We have outlined several reasons you should consider outsourcing appointment setting services.



Outsourcing appointment setting allows sales managers to take that task off of their plates.   They can spend their time closing sales instead of making cold calls.  This creates a more effective sales environment for a company.


An in house appointment setter will likely require a manager, which results in additional costs for your company.  With an outsourced appointment setter, management will not be a concern.  The appointment setter will be able to help the sales team turn prospects into interested buyers.


Outsourcing essentially speeds up the sales process.  Your company will not have to spend time searching for the correct person to fill the role.  Objectives and goals will be met faster than with an in-house appointment setting service.  Additionally, the outsourcing partner will provide reporting so you can track and analyze results.

With more time available to devote to other aspects of sales, lower costs, an accelerated process, outsourcing an appointment setter provides much value.  Contact AnswerNet for any appointment setting needs!





Industry Make-up of Businesses Seeking Call Center Services


An 18-month study was performed by surveying 3,672 businesses, which were categorized by industry into 70+ categories. The objective of the study was to determine which industries most often seek to use call center services.

Top-Industries-Seeking-Call-Center-ServicesThe main finding was that there was no one industry category that consisted of more than 11% of businesses seeking call center services.

For businesses, this suggests that, regardless of which industry category you fall in, it is likely that you could benefit by using one or more call center services.

For call center operations, it suggests that service offerings should be customizable to a broad spectrum of industries. Even within a given industry category there are many business specialties each with their own business needs.

For call center marketing departments, this suggests that marketing strategies need to be targeted to a broad range of industries with some extra attention to the top 6 to 10 industry categories.

It was found that the top ten industry categories made up about 53.9% of businesses seeking call center  services. The remaining 46.1% of businesses came from 60+ other industry categories.

Top Ten Industries Most Often Seeking Some Type of Call Center Service:

Businesses in the health care and real estate industries lead the pack of the top ten businesses most likely to seek some type of inbound or outbound call center service. 11.2% of businesses seeking a call center service were in health care industry.

  • Health Care        11.2%
  • Real Estate            8.2%
  • Retail                     6.4%
  • Legal                      4.8%
  • Property Management   4.3%
  • Insurance             4.5%
  • Financial              4.4%
  • Marketing            3.7%
  • Software              3.2%
  • Contractors         3.2%

46.1% of businesses seeking some type of call center service came from 60+ other industry categories.

Inbound: Top Six Industry Categories Most Often Seeking Inbound Call Center Services:Top-Industries-Seeking-Inbound-Call-Center-Services

The health care and real estate industries also lead the pack for inbound call center services such as telephone answering service and customer service outsourcing.

  • Health Care          12.7%
  • Real Estate             9.1%
  • Retail                      6.7%
  • Legal                       5.1%
  • Property Management  5.3%
  • Financial               4.3%

56.8 % of businesses seeking inbound call center services came from 60+ other industry categories.

Outbound: Top Six Industry Categories Most Often Seeking Outbound Call Center Services:Top-Industries-Seeking-Outbound-Call-Center-Services

Software, insurance and marketing related businesses were found to be the type of businesses most often seeking outbound call center services such as telemarketing and telesales followed closely by retail and financial industry businesses.

  • Software               11.3%
  • Insurance             10.7%
  • Marketing              8.6%
  • Health Care           5.6%
  • Retail                      5.2 %
  • Financial               4.8%

53.8% of companies seeking outbound call center services came from 64+ other industry categories.

Study was performed curtesy AnswerNet.
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