Sales Leads Hot, Sales Leads Cold…


Sales leads are the live blood of any sales person. Leads are not all equal. Some are more likely to buy than others.

Some like them hot…

Sales Rep Calling Hot Leads and Cold Leads

Calling Hot Leads and Cold Leads

Safe to say, most sales associates love hot, ready to buy leads. Warm and hot leads may consist of website visitors that have learned about your products or services and then completed a web form or called for pricing information. Some of the hottest leads, are prospects that have agreed to a face-to-face appointment, event, seminar or a sales call appointment.

Some like them cold…

It should be said, every warm and hot lead was once a cold lead. A “cold lead” is a person for whom there has been no first contact. First contact may occur in the form of clicking an online ad or Google search result leading to your website, networking via social media, or in the form a “cold call.” Few sales reps love making a cold call. However, few sales associates have all the leads they need handed to them. Researching to develop a prospect list and then making cold calls can help to fill a rep’s sales pipeline.

Everyone likes them in the pot and sold…

No need to say, the main goal of any sales person is to get their product or service sold and to fill their pot of sales commissions. However, there are no sales without both cold and hot leads. Getting enough leads and converting cold leads into hot leads can be a challenge. It may be helpful to seek and use professional cold calling and appointment setting services.

Suggested Resources / Reading:

You can learn about cold calling services at provides professional B2B appointment setting and event registration services. also offers a great guide to outsourcing the lead generation process:
“The Definitive Guide to Outsourced Lead Generation: Why it Works

AnswerNet Notice: Service Impact- Atlanta location


Dear AnswerNet Family/AnswerNet Clients:

As you may be aware, our Morrow, Georgia office’s ceiling collapsed last night, Thursday Sept. 14 at 11:42 PM EST. This is the AnswerNet office handling your account. The collapse made it impossible for our Morrow agents to take calls on your account.

The good news is that our disaster preparations worked flawlessly. Your calls were routed to our other call centers where the agents were able to manage your account. The service offered by our other center wasn’t the custom service you normally get, but at least no calls were unanswered or lost and service levels were maintained.

As of 3:30 pm on September 15, 2017, the Morrow agents began taking calls for some of your accounts again. The big difference is that instead of spending time and money bringing back the old premise based call center system (which would have required additional delays), we created and implemented an emergency action plan to move the Morrow office onto the previously announced new cloud based platform, SA Hosted’s ( Virtual Call Center (VCC).

Here’s what is happening now and what to expect:

Our Director Of Operations and Client Services, Cori Bartlett, and our Director of Technical Operations, Kace Coady are leading our project team to program and implement our new platform today in order to get the site fully functional ASAP! This is an “all hands on deck” situation, and we are using resources from all of our North American offices to restore full service to each of you. As each customer line is tested, we are moving calls away from the other centers and back to the Morrow office.

For those clients with complicated accounts, we are programming all accounts in VCC as fast as we can. In the interim, we will move the work back to the agents familiar with your accounts even if we are providing a limited service. Our goal is to have all accounts fully programmed, tested and live by end of business on Tuesday, but we continue to complete and turn on accounts as we complete our programming and quality testing. Some of you are already fully restored and most of you will be restored by opening of business on Monday.

If you have any questions specifically about the status of this process or regarding changes appearing on your account, we have set up a special hotline for you to call. The Conversion Hotline number is 800-883-3911.


We appreciate your understanding during the time. For most of you, the process has already begun. For those still in transition, please expect to receive regular updates via email on our progress at the following Saturday 9/16 1:00 PM EST, Sunday 9/17 1:00 PM EST, and Monday 9/18 at 10:00 AM EST.

Again, thank you for understanding and for your business.

Gary A. Pudles

  • President and CEO AnswerNet
  • 3930 Commerce Avenue
  • Willow Grove, Pennsylvania 19090
  • 267-942-6000 (p)
  • 215-659-6486 (f)