AnswerNet’s Core Values

Earlier this month eight senior managers and I got together in an effort to determine AnswerNet’s “Core Values”. Our goal was to figure out what was best about our company and then to share those findings with everyone so we could have a common set of values to judge all of our business actions by. After a fun and lively discussion (which I’ll describe in the next Buzz (our internal employee newsletter)) we came up with AnswerNet’s six core values.

1. Passion – Be passionate about your work, the customers and the company.

2. Good Attitude – Bring a positive attitude to everything you do. Attitudes are contagious. Is yours worth catching?

3. Team Player – Everything you do affects your co-workers and our customers. Think about how what you are doing will affect us all.

4. Detail Oriented – We must deliver on the details with every call and every action

5. Communicate – Communicate effectively and limit surprises

6. Kind/Likable – Be kind and nice to everyone. Deliver on the promise of being the nicest big company in our industry.

In future emails, blog postings and Buzz articles I’ll go more in depth about each of these.

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