What are the two most exciting words now circulating through our company? They are “AnswerNet Cares”

AnswerNet Cares has been established by the owners of our company to fund charitable activities of its employees. AnswerNet Network wants to encourage its employees to participate in their communities and to help people in need.

AnswerNet Cares was introduced at the April 2008 National Meeting in St. Louis by our President & CEO, Gary Pudles, and is available to all employees in our AnswerNet Network family. The application process was created to encourage the participation of employees in community service and goodwill, and to raise money for charities/community service organizations that are special to them. AnswerNet Cares is committed to donating up to $250 to 20 individual charities for the next 10 years. The total available contribution per year is $5,000.00.

The foundation has already sponsored a Walkathon for March of Dimes for Babies. Paul Orvis, AnswerNet’s Business Development Executive in Connecticut, submitted an application for this charity because it is very special to him and his family. It was through the help of March of Dimes for Babies that Paul’s son received a healthy start in life. See Paul’s story at: www.MarchforBabies.com/POrvisV. The AnswerNet Cares Committee was proud to approve the funding of $250.00 for that worthy cause.

In addition to introducing this program to the world, we wanted to make the process for applying to AnswerNet Cares simple for everyone in our company. We have a link to the application and the program information below, which will not only make it easy to access the application, but hopefully answer any questions you may have.

For more details, review our PowerPoint Presentation on the AnswerNet Cares program and submit your Application Form today!

Even with our company’s fast growth, we are becoming more like a family each year, and the AnswerNet Cares Foundation is further proof that “AnswerNet Cares.”

Written by Patsy Hutchins and the AnswerNet Cares Team of Carol Tomey, Coria Stewart, and Marlene Krueger.

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