Dropping the “Network” From AnswerNet


As AnswerNet continues to grow and mature, we are constantly looking for ways to strengthen the AnswerNet brand in the marketplace. While planning our strategy, we thought about the name “AnswerNet Network” and what it meant to people who were not familiar with us. And in some cases, to those who knew us well.

We came to the conclusion that the name AnswerNet Network was confusing to people because it could be construed as an affiliated group of independent companies or as a franchise type of enterprise. We found that people sometimes didn’t realize that all AnswerNet Network offices (even with different names) are owned by the same principals (I’m one of them) and are marketed as a cohesive whole.

We have told the story about how we chose the URL www.answernetnetwork.com because of the cyber squatter on www.answernet.com.

Now that we have the right URL and we noticed the brand confusion has increased, its time to move to the name that we originally intended to have

The ironic thing is that within our industry, most people know and refer to us as just “AnswerNet” anyway.

And so, while all of our owned and operated call centers are still and will always be “networked” to one another, we are now rebranding our company as AnswerNet.

Has a nice ring to it, don’t you think?

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