Is the traditional snail-mailed letter a thing of the past?

Today I am wondering if the art of writing and mailing a business letter has been killed by email.

As part of our branding change from AnswerNet Network to AnswerNet, the company’s marketing team developed a new letterhead template. I just received it via email and downloaded it to my hard drive. It looks good and I’m proud of my team. I know that our sales people will certainly use this often.

However, as I sat admiring the marketing team’s work I realized that it has been a very long time since I actually wrote and composed a letter that used the letterhead and even longer since I sent any kind of letterhead-based letter by regular mail. What has changed?

When I started my company, I used a letterhead template extensively. I would have letters printed and sent as was needed for my work. Then, as email became more prolific, I found myself writing the letter but simply sending it as an attachment to my email.

Now, I don’t even put the letterhead around my words. I choose instead to use the signature at the bottom of my email to tell the kinds of things that letterhead used to provide.

I’m not sure if it is a good thing or bad but it certainly appears that I send much less letterhead-based mail.

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