The Telephone Answering Service Industry – People Helping People

Most of the big sharers in the telephone answering service industry, like me, would generally do ANYTHING to help a competitor in real trouble. When the stuff hits the fan, most people in this industry would step up without thinking about how avoidable the trouble is.

Why? Because the telephone answering service industry is filled with some of the nicest people in the world. Why #2? Because this industry is filled with some of the biggest people pleasers in the world.

I had a situation in my Allentown office where my competitor’s equipment failed and we let his operators come into our center to keep their business running.

We do it because it’s the right thing to do and we know it. We do it because the next time it could be us. We do it because we feel bad for customers who need their phones answered.

In reality, we do it because we can.

The argument can be made that some answering service companies prepare more than others and some of us invest more. However, what makes this industry so incredible is the caring and love of the people nutty enough to actually commit to the industry.

So while we might think twice, most people I know in this industry wouldn’t hesitate to help anyone in real need because, in the long term, it benefits our industry as a whole.

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