Treating Job Seekers like Customers

By Christopher J. Bilotta, Contributing Blogger

In Sundays’ NYT Job Section, Jon Picoult wrote an article citing the need for companies to consider how they treat job seekers, especially before any of them might become employees. How a company interacts with job candidates says a lot about them, their brand and their values. The author notes that HR professionals and hiring managers need to treat job candidates like customers. After all, they are in effect, buying a “product”: a new employer, a new position, a promise of career growth opportunity.

While many companies think they have the upper hand with candidates in today’s environment, they need to remember that every economic cycle eventually turns and there is always competition for top talent. Treating people with respect and dignity will only help further a company’s image as an employer of choice. The article mentions Southwest Airlines as a great example of a company that recognizes employment candidates are not only career customers, but that they could also be or become customers of the airline. It is for that reason that Southwest follows its core principles and ensures that no applicant feels inferior or rejected. The results speak for themselves as Southwest consistently gets great people, who in turn produce superior financial performance.

Christopher J. Bilotta is the president of Resource Development Company, Inc., which was founded in 1981 as a privately held human resource management-consulting firm. With an emphasis on providing retained search and relocation services, RDC works with growth-oriented companies across various industries that are focused on building high performance organizations.

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