AnswerNet Brings Pay-As-You-Go Answering Services to Home and Small Business; Launches Social Media Integration

AnswerNet introduced AnswerAmerica today as a pay-as-you-go telephone answering service that allows users to set up, fund and activate their live-receptionist answering service online within 30 minutes. AnswerAmerica delivers traditional live agent answering service through a customer centric, web-based portal.

The AnswerAmerica pay-as-you-go telephone answering service saves businesses time and money by integrating quick, do-it-yourself account setup with the social networking capabilities of Twitter and the financial security of Google Checkout. AnswerAmerica enables users to easily update their answering service status 24 hours a day using the #AnswerAmerica hashtag linked to their Twitter and AnswerAmerica accounts as well as a secure online customer portal.

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