Getting a Haircut for Locks of Love!

By Nick Fogtman, Contributing Blogger

When my daughter was born in December 2007, I began growing my hair out. My initial reason was a last stab at youth! However, over the last three years, an aunt of mine was diagnosed with cervical cancer and my wife had a tumor removed from her abdomen. Luckily, her tumor was benign.

About a year ago, a friend told me about an organization, Locks of Love, who took donated hair and made hair pieces with it for children with cancer. Having a small child, I have pondered the “what ifs.” If my daughter was ever diagnosed with cancer, I would do anything to see her as comfortable and happy as possible.

With this in mind, I looked up Locks of Love online to learn about the requirements. After reading about the organization, I decided that Locks of Love was the perfect way for me to help out.

Before and after donating my hair to Locks of Love

In December 2010, just before my daughter’s third birthday, we both went for haircuts. For my daughter, it was the first haircut since she was born. It was my first haircut since she was born too, and my hair was going to Locks of Love.

Before my hair was cut, it was washed and braided. Then, they cut the braid at the base of my skull and set the hair aside to dry. I was offered the opportunity to be recognized for my donation, but I chose to donate anonymously. And that was it – it was really that simple!

My hope is that a child received a nice hair piece made from my hair for Christmas, but just knowing that someone would eventually receive it is enough for me.

Nick Fogtman is a Corporate Operations Manager for AnswerNet. He resides in Houston, Texas with his wife and daughter.

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