A Family from Across North America – The AnswerNet National Meeting

As the Director of Marketing for AnswerNet since last August;  2011 was my first AnswerNet National Meeting. I expected a sales and operations convention where the managers from around the country met to discuss opportunity, challenge, and processes that are unique to our business and to AnswerNet. I expected an awards ceremony, some networking and  “team building” events, and then to pack my bag and head home. But, what I found was a  meeting that was so much more.

I  discovered a group of dedicated, passionate and loyal individuals that oftentimes  have grown up in the call center industry, coming to AnswerNet from some of our acquired companies or others, who have forgotten more about the business than I may ever know. I found a warm, tightly knit group of managers, who truly like each other and are open and willing to learn new technologies, new ideas, and embrace new ways of doing things – even when presented to them by people who come from the outside (like me). I found a motivated team who asked challenging questions, and really smiled. I found the people of  this company who routinely live the core values that are so important to President and CEO, Gary Pudles – indeed to all of us.

This promises to be a big year for AnswerNet, a new platform, new products and services and renewed dedication to satisfying our clients, no matter what. Regardless of the need: telephone answering services, inbound call centers, outbound call centers, appointment setting, lead generation, email management and marketing, CRM hosting – AnswerNet has it all.

So bring your teleservices needs to AnswerNet, and give us the chance to address the challenges that you have, the same way we address our own – with passion, committment, attention to detail, with a kind and likeable attitude. www.answernet.com

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