The Dangers of Cell Phones and Driving

A recent study by the University of Utah states motorists who talked on their handheld devices are as impaired as drunk drivers. This is on the heels of Oprah Winfrey’s “No Phone Zone”—where Oprah, along with her production company Harpo Studios, have created a multi-marketing campaign aimed at ending the use of cell phones while driving.

A call or text isn’t worth taking a life,” said Winfrey. “We must not allow more mothers and fathers, daughters and sons, sisters and brothers to die before we take action against distracted driving.[1]

One solution to this epidemic is employing the use of a Cell Phone Answering Service. Many “road warriors” who are often traveling for business have found the use of such a service to be beneficial. All calls are handled by a professional telephone agent who can take messages and eliminate the number of calls answered while driving.

Parents have also found using an answering service helps keep their teenage drivers safe, law-abiding citizens. With 9 states (as well as Washington D.C. and the Virgin Islands) enforcing mobile phone and driving restrictions, a Cell Phone Answering Service keeps young drivers focused on the road rather than their voicemail messages.

Cell phones are an essential part of today’s lifestyle, but using them on the road can become a cautionary tale. Rather than risking the safety of yourself and strangers, consider a Cell Phone Answering Service. It is an inexpensive, effective way to cut down on car accidents and fatalities.


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