Call Center CEO attends ITExpo’s StartupCamp for Entrepreneurs

A group of gifted, enthusiastic entrepreneurs gathered this past February in Miami for the fifth annual StartupCamp. This event was developed to provide innovators in technology a chance to pitch their business ideas to leaders within the communications industry. Gary Pudles, President & CEO of AnswerNet (a call center and telephone answering service), was one of the leaders asked to judge at this year’s StartupCamp.


Each investor has only five minutes to present, but that was enough time to make an impression on Pudles. “Presenters were engaging, and the service offerings were very interesting,” he said. Pudles also felt that many of the entrepreneurs’ ideas could easily be applied in day-to-day operations at AnswerNet. One company spoke about a device to help index and store voice recordings based upon the words recorded—a helpful tool for call center quality assurance practices.


Pudles was also very pleased and impressed with the size of the event. The StartupCamp series has grown exponentially over the years partially due to the caliber of keynote speakers. Last year featured Bob Metcalfe (co-inventor of Ethernet). This year, Sir Terry Matthews (billionaire entrepreneur who founded many companies including Mitel and Newbridge Networks) spoke at the conference.


Ultimately, StartupCamp is a catalyst for many entrepreneurs’ careers, driving excited and hopeful audiences to the event. Who could blame them? With past winners such as Michael Koetting’s Hoot.Me, a popular Facebook application for students, the opportunity to technology fame is just a presentation away.


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