AnswerNet 2012 National Meeting

This year, I was a “newbie” to the AnswerNet National Meeting and I have to say that it was an amazing time. A group of us, from sales to marketing and operations, flocked to sunny Tampa, Florida for the event. I was blown away by the camaraderie amongst our team. People who I have never met face-to-face made me feel like I’ve known them personally for years.

I was told that the National Meetings are always a great combination of social and learning activities, and have to admit that this year proved to be no different. We celebrated the year’s accomplishments and learned about new skills, services and offerings. Even the theme, If Not You, Then Who?, became an opportunity to better ourselves as individuals and employees. We all walked away feeling empowered and motivated.

Another notable moment was when Gary Pudles invited the group out to a local comedy club called Improv Comedy Theater in Ybor City. The group shared laughs and stories with the on-stage talent. One comedy club staffer even said to me that he never saw such a sense of closeness and community in a group. It definitely went down as one of the most memorable experiences in AnswerNet history.

In the end, the 2012 National Meeting proved to be a fun-filled, educational and inspiring event. The team has a renewed dedication to providing our customers with the people, services and technology to allow them to run their businesses, their way. So why not join the AnswerNet family today? Call us at 800-411-5777.


Written by: Rebecca Lorden, Marketing Communications Coordinator

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