Texting for Taxi Dispatch (Using TextGen)

No more worries about loud traffic or bad addresses when you text to order cab service from Taxi Maxi.

October 15, 2013, Willow Grove, PA – Taxi Maxi, a California based taxi company is making it easier for users to book a ride–by sending a text.

We’ve all been there–a noisy airport, or club, or restaurant. A bad connection or an incorrect address can lead to a loss of a fare for the cabbie and a very frustrated passenger.  Adding texting to the cab company’s contact number changes all that.

When Taxi Maxi added TextGen, a cloud-based software application that text-enables business telephone numbersthey added an entirely new client base and fares are picking up because of it.

According to Artur Sahakyan, owner of Taxi Maxi, adding TextGen makes his company unique in the very competitive transportation industry.  The fact that nothing is open to interpretation reduces  time and location errors because all the detail of conversation is captured in the text and is available immediately in the TextGen reporting cloud.

What does that mean? Sahakyan says, “TextGen gives me better control over my business. Dispatchers can share data easily–sending the driver that is most convenient to the pick-up time and location. It makes us very efficient and improves profitability.” Sahakyan continues, “Customers love to text. It’s easy and fast and it means they have a permanent record of the request too. It makes them feel empowered because they can double check everything they’ve instructed us to do, and that keeps our service levels higher than anyone else in the business!

Adding TextGen to the Taxi Maxi business line was fast and easy. The scripting is simple and easy to understand. Taxi Maxi has added “TEXT or call 1 949 945 8949” to advertising.  From the day the program began to now, texting of taxi requests has increased steadily, proving the point that clients love to text.



Interested in adding TextGen to your companies existing phone line? Visit http://www.answernet.com/textgen/ for more information, or call 800-411-5777 to speak with a representative today. 

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