Best Practices for Lead Generation


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A superior sales team is crucial, particularly in call centers, for a business to maintain an effective marketing and lead generation strategy. While lead generation is an important initiative for companies, it can at times be stressful. When an influx of calls come in, or when something goes awry, organization is imperative.  There are several best practices sales teams can utilize in order to amplify their lead generation efforts.  Here are some of the tips we have gathered:

  • Define

According to Marketo, “Sales and Marketing must work together to clearly define what they think a lead is.”  Creating certain criteria is a good way to make sure that there is a clear definition.  For instance, having a set demographic is a good criterion to use. When these are planned out in advance, lead generation is an easier process. Another appropriate criterion is behavior.  Paying attention to the prospective buyer’s online activity is a great way to stay on top.  In particular, paying attention to email clicks, downloads, and web visits helps with definition.

  • Be Accessible

It is highly likely that your call center is receiving calls after-hours. If your call center is one that deals with later calls, ensuring that your sales agents are readily available and have schedules that are flexible is recommended. This also allows for product inquiries to be received in a timely fashion. Real time responses are a great way to lessen the risk of losing a prospective buyer. According to “78% of consumers have bailed on a transaction or not made an intended purchase because of poor customer service.” Accessibility = satisfied potential customers.

  • Be Quick  

Prompt responses are always the best responses. Potential buyers do not want to wait to receive an answer.  Since this is likely to be the potential buyer’s first interaction with the company, it is important that they receive an answer in a quick and efficient manner. The longer the response time, the less likely the potential buyer is to becoming a customer.

  • Be Proactive

Following up with your leads is a great way to make sure your company is staying at the top of their mind. This also allows the prospect to express any concerns or feedback they may have. While feedback is a great lead generation best practice, it is important that sales agents do not inundate prospects with excessive follow-up. To ensure that sales agents are not going overboard, they should follow procedures determined by their managers.

  • Measure

Measuring success always provides value.  Measuring lead generation efforts is no different. Certain aspects of the campaign to measure are cost of acquiring the lead and conversion time.  Measurement also helps with future lead generation in the future.

Combining these tips is a great way to amplify your lead generation efforts.  When a sales team defines a lead, is accessible, quick, proactive, and measures success, lead generation can be a powerful initiative for any company!

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