First Timer at the 2013 AnswerNet National Meeting


Two months ago, AnswerNet had another successful National Meeting in Memphis, TN. The National Meeting hosts representatives from Sales, Operations and other key departments from every one of AnswerNet’s 50+ locations in the US and Canada. This year, National Inbound Sales Executive, David Evangelist, shared his “first-timer” experience in an exclusive interview:


Interviewer: Tell me about your overall experience as a first timer to the National Meeting.

Evangelist: I really enjoyed the whole experience. As a first-timer everyone made me feel very welcome and at ease. I was so happy to put faces to names and spend time with member of the team who work in different offices. I work with a great group of people, and it was nice to spend quality time with them during this conference.


Interviewer: What did you really enjoy at the meeting?

Evangelist: I love the team-building exercises, especially our visit to Graceland! I have never been to Tennessee before and it was a great opportunity to enjoy their culture and southern hospitality.


Interviewer: Did you learn anything new and exciting?

Evangelist: The presentations for the sales team were extremely beneficial. Other representatives were able to share notes, tips and success stories which, in turn, helped me sharpen by skills and become a better consultant to my clients.


Interviewer: Did the meeting make you feel closer to your co-workers and company?

Evangelist: The group activities with representatives outside of my office helped me gain insight to the different walks of life we all have. The surprising part is, regardless of how different we all, we combine our individual strengths and work together as a team continuing to strive for the same common goal of the company—to provide our customers with the people, services and technology to allow them to run their businesses, their way.