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For those of you not familiar with us, AnswerNet Network is the world’s largest telemessaging firm and a full service provider of inbound, outbound and e-bound contact center services. We own and operate contact centers located across the U.S. and Canada. We’ve made contact centers, telephone answering services, telemarketing and teleservices our life’s work. And since blogs are often used to share life experiences with the Internet world, this is our very own space to share what we’ve learned from the contact center industry. It seems like a perfect fit.

Whenever you visit this space, we hope you’ll find things of interest to you. Our hope is to post things on a variety of topics—from business management, call center support, customer service, technology, disaster relief to thoughts of interest from our employees—there’s no topic we’re not willing to discuss here. And we hope that you feel the same way. One of the primary goals for establishing this forum is to hear from you. Whether you are an employee, customer or just a passerby looking for information, I encourage you to respond with your own comments and thoughts, offering your own input and experience. It’s through sharing that we all grow. Our call centers may be answering the phones for you, but we know you have a voice—and we want to hear it!

 If you’re interested in learning more about us and our contact center services, please visit us at our website at www.answernet.com. Until then, we hope you continue to join us as we develop this blog and forum.

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