A Special Thanks For a Job Well Done

By Gary Pudles

The world of outbound teleservices usually experiences call spikes, and the world of political outbound is typically even worse. Despite a lot of promises, you never know if you are actually going to get the work, and then the week or two before the elections the candidates’ campaigns scramble to get calls made. They are always surprised by the staffing challenges that their last minute requests generate.

This year, the outbound sites at AnswerNet answered the call thanks to a lot of hard work. At one point over the weekend, I received a call from a friend of mine, who was looking for outbound political calling and asking if it was true that we were at full capacity.  I was happy to say we were!

The staffs of AnswerNet’s outbound centers went above and beyond the call of duty last weekend to ensure we could handle the huge volume of calls that needed to be made. I want to express my gratitude to the whole outbound team (including Operations, Sales and IT) for the incredible effort they put out this weekend.

Way to shine guys!

Gary A. Pudles is President and CEO of AnswerNet. He founded AnswerNet in 1998 and has driven the growth of the organization through sales, acquisitions and partnerships. Gary has won the prestigious “Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year” award and has led AnswerNet to Inc. Magazine’s Inc. 500 List of America’s Fastest Growing Private Companies and Customer Inter@ction Solutions Magazine’s Top 50 Teleservices Firms on multiple occasions.

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