Millennials Have Changed the Way We Communicate

SMS/Live Chat

A faster, easier, and more preferred communication tool, texting is a huge part of the millennial generation and it’s time that it has won the rest of us over.

More likely than not, you’ve felt the push to stray away from calls and turn to SMS instead.  Millennials are coming into the work place and they are bringing texting with them.

Many contact centers are limited to only using voice for customer care when Millennials prefer using SMS. In order to get rid of the disconnect seen between the consumer and customer care technology, adapting to these changes will be beneficial for both parties.

Not only are Millennials coming into the work place, but they are also becoming the customers. It is important to communicate by their means in order to have the utmost satisfaction for the consumer.

Communication is constantly evolving and it is important to keep up with the pace. Now is the time for companies to play catch-up and embrace the use of smart phones for the most rapid and efficient form of communication there is.

One way that AnswerNet has enabled this generation change is incorporating TextGen. TextGen is a way that you can text enable your business’s phone number in order to add convenience to any customer’s process. Messages are collected into an online portal that is easily accessible to view and download conversation data.

Not only does SMS create an easier communication system, but it also has a 98 percent open rate. This is something that the email open rate cannot compare to, falling at only 22 percent. Email accounts get filled with spam and it is even likely that messages could get lost or accidentally deleted. SMS almost completely eliminates this concern.

Another great form of communication that is starting to be seen throughout many companies is the use of online live chat. Live chat is just another easy way for customers to get the information they need right in the place that they love: the internet. Being “live” provides instant customer support and minimizes the effort on the customer’s part.

Live chat can also be good for within the company itself. Just like SMS, it is a quick and effective way to communicate with a coworker about a current situation or project.

It is important to note that SMS in the work place is not here to replace other forms of communication, but is here to add convenience and create a diverse system that works for everyone involved.

Embracing the communication choice of millennials is a strategy that can help your work place prosper and grow.

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