AdWords Introduces Message Extensions: Text Enable Your Business Number Now

People Text MessagingOn Monday, October 17, 2016 Google AdWords posted that they are introducing “Message extensions.”  The message extensions give users seeing than ad an easy option to text a business to start a conversation and continue it whenever it is most convenient for them.

The Google post mentions that 65% of consumers say they’d consider using messaging to connect with a business to get information about a product or service.  So this looks like a great opportunity to get more exposure from your AdWords ads.

Google notes that Message extensions are designed to be shown only to people on phones capable of sending and receiving text messages requiring your business to have a phone number that is able to receive, process, and send text messages.

Many businesses have landlines that do not support texting. However, AnswerNet offers an an easy low cost solution (called TextGen) to text-enable your current business phone number.
See for details.


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