Answering Service Benefits for Law Firms


Law firms, big and small, receive many calls on a daily basis. Money, time and people are necessary for handling these calls.  An answering service allows law firms to continue what is important to them — practicing law.  A call center essentially removes the responsibility of answering calls off of a law firm’s plate. An answering service that can help with handling incoming calls, as well as managing web inquiries can be especially helpful. The implementation of a marketing campaign can also raise the influx of calls coming in for law firms.  As a result, an answering service can help raise the ROI on marketing campaigns. We have outlined some ways a law firm can benefit from a call center.


  • Affordability

A call center is less expensive than hiring an office receptionist.  Additionally, a receptionist typically works 9-5 Monday through Friday.  They are available for you during those hours, but once they go home they are not on call.  Additionally, a receptionist requires vacation time and sick days.  Agents at a call center, on the contrary, are more flexible.


  • Availability

Since a call center does not require sick or vacation days, agents are readily available. A dedicated call center will ensure that all issues are resolved in a timely and effective manner.  You will never have to worry about missing a call that could lead to a big opportunity for your firm! An available call center= happy clients.


  • Customization

Call centers will utilize agent scripts that are customized to the firm’s specifications.  These agents will be trained to use this script and will know how to handle each type of call. The agents become an extension of the law firm and to not operate as a separate entity.


  • Trial Assistance

A call center can contact potential victims or witnesses and help with collecting correct data to assist with a trial.  The call center acts as an addition to the law firm and can effectively assist in the trial process.


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