Author: robert.kent

Twelve Call Center Services for the Legal Industry

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Small, medium and large law firms each have unique needs and opportunities for using call center services. Law firms with limited staff may just need someone to answer the phone or website chats. Larger firms may need intake help with answering and responding to hundreds of website inquiries or calls from marketing campaigns. Call centers can assist with answering and responding to these calls and website inquiries 24 hours per day every day of the…

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Call Center Touchpoints in the Journey of a Happy Customer

Call Center Touchpoints in-the-Journey of a Happy Customer

There are many possible paths through marketing, sales and customer service by which a prospect with a need may become your happy customer. Whether a prospect finds your company by way of a TV commercials or Internet ads, there are multiple call center touchpoints in the customer’s journey where a call center can help to enhance the customer’s experience and increase your company’s profits. This story and infographic shows the role of call centers during…

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