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AnswerNet and Connect Direct Partner to Bring Customer Service Solutions and Jobs to Deaf and Hard of Hearing People

Improving Communications for the Deaf Community   (June 12, 2018) Philadelphia, Pa. – AnswerNet and Connect Direct have partnered to bring the deaf community to the forefront of today’s customer service solutions. With 1 million Deaf and hard of hearing individuals in the United States, it is astonishing how little progress has been made in customer service communications. While the use of smart phones and video chat has been well-established over the past few years, companies still…

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Three Ways any Business Can Benefit from Answering Services

Save Your Money: An answering service can save you money by eliminating the overhead costs of hiring your own reception staff. Never Lose A Client: Most answering services are 24/7, ensuring you never miss a call from your top customers. Save Yourself Some Time: Lets your staff focus on other duties.

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10 Steps to Improve Customer Service

Businesses are constantly looking for the answer to improve their relationships with their customers and the answer is often obvious and overlooked – improve your customer service. When asked what skill is the most valuable in customer service, most people will say “being a people person”. But what exactly is a “people person”? The term is too general and vague to be used an as accurate description of who you want working with your clients,…

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Call Center Touchpoints in the Journey of a Happy Customer

Call Center Touchpoints in-the-Journey of a Happy Customer

There are many possible paths through marketing, sales and customer service by which a prospect with a need may become your happy customer. Whether a prospect finds your company by way of a TV commercials or Internet ads, there are multiple call center touchpoints in the customer’s journey where a call center can help to enhance the customer’s experience and increase your company’s profits. This story and infographic shows the role of call centers during…

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