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AnswerNet Notice: Service Impact- Atlanta location

Dear AnswerNet Family/AnswerNet Clients: As you may be aware, our Morrow, Georgia office’s ceiling collapsed last night, Thursday Sept. 14 at 11:42 PM EST. This is the AnswerNet office handling your account. The collapse made it impossible for our Morrow agents to take calls on your account. The good news is that our disaster preparations worked flawlessly. Your calls were routed to our other call centers where the agents were able to manage your account….

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Solutions for Winter Weather’s Effects on Your Business

Power lines might be down.. But your office doesn't have to be...

Who could forget the winter of 2014? The snow was piled high, and everyone hid to escape the brutal winds. From consumers to businesses, everyone encounters some form of financial loss during the wintertime. In fact, one survey estimated that the 2014 winter had cost the economy nearly $50 billion in lost productivity and 76,000 jobs. From small businesses to major corporations, winter weather affects companies of all sizes. With the 2015 winter season just…

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The Role of Call Centers in Crisis Situations

A couple of years ago, I (Gary Pudles) collaborated with Richard Levick of Levick Strategic Communications on an article entitled “When Bad Things Happen to Good Companies.” We explored how organizations of different kinds can prepare themselves for those unexpected occurrences that have, in the past, damaged reputations, careers and entire companies. As we all know, numerous product recalls, natural disasters and other potentially damaging events have occurred since that article was written. Now more…

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Rolling with the Punches

In talking to other founders and CEOs of fast moving companies, you quickly understand that rapid growth is often caused by the luck of being at the right place at the right time. Many successful entrepreneurs share an ability to seize opportunity when and where it presents itself, even if it comes in a way that was not part of their original plan. I first realized that seizing opportunities was paramount to being a business…

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