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Sales Leads Hot, Sales Leads Cold…

Sales Rep Calling Hot Leads and Cold Leads

Sales leads are the live blood of any sales person. Leads are not all equal. Some are more likely to buy than others. Some like them hot… Safe to say, most sales associates love hot, ready to buy leads. Warm and hot leads may consist of website visitors that have learned about your products or services and then completed a web form or called for pricing information. Some of the hottest leads, are prospects that…

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“Can You Hear Me?” Phone Scam Warning

“Yes.” That one simple word can turn your piggy bank upside down and rob you of your money and here’s why: The Federal Communications Commission is warning consumers about a new phone scam that will record your voice reply of “Yes” as a voice signature to your funds. The conversation can start out as harmless as “Are you the homeowner?” but the most common phrase has been “Can you hear me?”  If and when you…

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Grow your Business with Outbound Contact Center Services

We can help you grow your business with our contact center services. Appointment Setting Sales reps need a full pipeline of warm leads. Our agents can cold call for you and your team. We will take your leads, make the cold calls and set face-to-face sales appointments for your sales staff. Telemarketing Telemarketing campaigns are a proven and cost-effective method. Campaigns can increase sales, profits and customer satisfaction without increasing your staffing and training costs….

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Why You Should Outsource Your Appointment Setting Program

Appointment setting plays a significant role in sales.  Converting possible leads into customers is a crucial segment of the sales cycle; naturally, appointment setting plays a role.   Appointment setting is especially important because it is usually the step that takes place before the prospect turns into a customer.  With so many moving parts involved in the sales process, outsourcing appointment setting could be the solution your company needs.  We have outlined several reasons you should…

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