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Text Messaging in a Call Center World

By Aaron Osgood, Contributing Blogger This is the first of what I hope to be reasonably regular posts discussing topics of relevance to not only Call Centers and Public Safety Agencies, but all businesses. My background is fairly centered on two distinct worlds: Telecommunications and Public Safety. The lessons I have learned in those arenas have allowed me to develop a unique perspective on the technological and operational needs of small to mid-sized businesses. I’d…

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Why You Need the "Right" URL

Most dot-com venture capitalists would confirm that you can’t build a business solely based on acquiring the “right” URL. However, having a URL that properly identifies your company and/or your products and services can truly help you build your fast-growing business. A good URL increases your brand awareness and makes it easier for people to communicate with you.  My own company, AnswerNet, owns many URLs. We acquired each URL in one of three ways:  …

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